Resident Engineer


Duties and Responsibilities
Manage the operational activities of the given projects to include but not be limited to: Contractors, Sub-contractors and Material Supplier etc. Co-ordination with client representatives and local authorities to secure approvals.Supervise, monitor and report project progress throughout the project cycle to ensure on time completion.Manage the correspondence with the client and the contractors regarding the progress, program, evaluation, variations, extension of time and claims.Assess variations and report to the head office for decision making. Never make decisions on behalf of the client or ARC on issues related to commercial which requires the client’s written commitment.Prepare minutes of meetings and write technical and progress reports.  Check the milestones and response to contractor’s letters as stipulated in the contract.Ensure the implementation of Quality management system that complies with standard ISO 9001 – 2008.  Ensure that policies and procedures are being adhered to at all times.  Assess the progress of work on site and certify payment as per the contract documentations.Attend co-ordination meetings with Contractor, Subcontractor, client etc.  Ensure all meetings are documented.Negotiation and preparation of documentation for change.  Review and evaluate change order request or claim. Prepare Engineer’s estimate for change order and maintain comprehensive records.Ensure contractor work for compliance with plans, specifications and schedules, monitoring and coordination of material samples for testing. Coordinating construction survey and electrical inspection, conduct and or witness all testing upon contract materials, equipment installation etc.Monitor and coordinate safety and quality control, ensuring project is constructed in accordance with applicable safety regulations.Report any defective work to the contractor for correction, prepare and issue appropriate reports for compliance documentation.