Contracts, Legal & Property Manager


Business Unit: Fortes Group Fortes Group is a diversified group active in several verticals namely: education (Fortes Education builds, owns and operates kindergarten to grade 12 schools and nurseries); property development (Fortisplus Holdings has developed about 1.8 million sq.ft); health & fitness (TribeFit is a large format retail health club); and construction (Emirates Universal Construction is a construction company).
Job Title & Purpose: (1) Contracts & Legal Manager & (2) Property Manager
1. Responsibilities as a Contracts & Legal Manager: The Manager will liaise with the Group’s purchasers and accounts team + various business unit heads and support them as a Contracts manager.1.1 Contractual Work:o The Manager will work with the various departments in the company (engineering team, purchase team, accounts team, and various business unit managers) and draft the agreements as well as be the final authority on approving, monitoring, negotiating and reviewing:All commercial contracts of the Group with external vendors, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, landlords, tenants.All purchase contracts, supply contracts, local purchase orders, sub-contract agreements, contractor-subcontractor construction contracts, contractor-vendor supply contractsNegotiate the terms and conditions the contractso While formats of most of the contracts are already in place, the Candidate should be able to build upon the terms and conditions of the existing contracts, improve on them, and negotiate better terms and conditions from external parties.1.2 Company Legal Work: o Liaise with the lawyers for the drafting of all legal documents for new company set-ups including Memorandum of Articles of Association, Service Agreements, Power of Attorneys, etc.1.3 Litigation work: o Liaise with the Group’s lawyers to follow up on legal cases, preparing the case matters, interacting with lawyers and our internal legal department, and fighting the case with the Group’s lawyers at Dubai Courts, RERA and Dubai Lands Dept.
2. Responsibilities as a Property Manager: The Manager will also be a Property Manager looking after the Group’s property portfolio, tenants, and landlords; ensuring tenant retention; analysing revenue maximization and cost minimization and facilities management; and enhancing the overall portfolio property value. 2.1 Property Rental Management:o Be ultimately responsible for the Group’s property rental management.o Continuously analyse the market to establish the optimal rental prices, analyse costs, depreciation, yield, mortgage expenses, etc. on each property either owned by the group or rented from or out to 3rd parties.o Maximise the rental yield on the group’s property portfolio by managing tenants, obtaining new tenants, advertising the properties through various channels, interfacing and negotiating with tenants and landlords.o Negotiate contracts on company owned properties, retail properties, and plots; drafting lease agreements or sale agreements; negotiating the best terms and conditions.o Ensure compliance with relevant laws of Dubai Lands Dept., RERA, and the Civil Code.o Investigate and resolve tenant or landlord complaints, enforcing rules of occupancy, interafacing with Dubai Lands Dept, RERA and Dubai Courts as applicable.2.2 Property Maintenance:o Be ultimately responsible for the Group’s property maintenance management.o Maintain residential / commercial properties, plots and retail units rented out to or by the Group.o Enforce rules of occupancy.o Improve the existing preventive and reactive maintenance systems which are in place; maintain the log to track property maintenance; liaise with the . o Implement the ERP system to monitor facilities management and liaise with the Accounts & Finance team.o Inspect vacant units, complete repairs and plan renovations; implement the facilities management of the units with the engineering team; monitor the FM team of engineers, supervisors and workers; and be ultimately responsible for the FM & Property Department.2.3 Management of Home Owners’ Association:o Organising Board Meetings & General Meetings of the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) for obtaining service fee approvals, registration related approvals and vendor selection approvalso Liaising with RERA and Dubai Lands Dept. to register HOA and service fee approvals.2.4 Purchasing of Land or Property:o Manage the Group’s property purchases.o When the Group’s directors have identified a property or plot investment opportunity, conduct market survey to ascertain purchase price points. o Then execute and carry out the purchase by negotiating with brokers, drafting the legal purchase agreements, coordinating with lawyers, and registering the property at the Lands dept., and following up to obtain the title deeds, and taking handover of the property.2.5 Selling of Land or Property:o Manage the Group’s property sales.o When the Group’s directors target particular property sales, conduct market survey to ascertain price points.o Then execute and carry out the sale by negotiating with brokers and using various channels to market the sale of the property such as:o Draft the requisite legal sale agreements (and coordinate with lawyers if required)o Get the sale agreements signed, deposits made, and follow through on the sale, with the buyer, brokers and Lands Dept.
Job Specification:Ideal candidate should:o Be an Accounting Graduate with a law or company secretary qualification.o Have 4 years relevant GCC experience o Have overall a minimum of 7-8 years work experienceo Experience in real estate and construction industry is desired. o Should be very articulate in written and spoken English and very presentable.o Should have leadership capability and ability to manage a team and work with people, and take sound decisions.o Will directly manage a team of 2 persons and liaise with a team of 10 to 20 persons.

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